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NZBC Pay it Foward Initiative - August 14, 2014
New Zion has embarked on the Pay-It-Forward Meal Initiative to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Small cards with pertinent information are available on Sunday mornings from the Ushers or stop by the Church Office during business hours.  God has blessed us to be a blessing to someone else and to tell them about Christ!
community-advocates -1Clothing Assistance … If you are in need of clothing for men, women and children, the New Zion  Community Advocates, (NZCA) Inc., can help.  Please leave your name and contact information and they will set up an appointment to meet with you.
The NZCA mission is to innovate, advance and sustain community programs for affordable housing, social integration, youth development, heritage, preservation and quality of life.
For additional information, please call Sis. Sarah McClellan at (801) 393.4153.